We are a mother and daughter company. Our path in this life is to help people take care of their skin holistically. Each product is handmade, packaged, labeled and shipped with years of knowledge and love by Christine (Mom) in Idaho. Megan (Daughter) is the social media logistics behind the products, as well as a licensed holistic esthetician.

About Christine

20 some years ago, due to horrible eczema, I discovered that the majority of bath and skin care products were filled with toxic chemicals. This discovery started me on a journey that helped me uncover a hidden talent. I began with soap making, expanded into lotions, creams and salves, and to date have graduated to home grown organic herbs for some of the products.

I have invested almost half a lifetime researching what nature has to offer to care for my skin and general health. I spent many years frustrated by the lack of information as the natural skin care industry wasn't as popular 20+ years ago. There was a lot of trial and error in my path to where I am currently, and there's still much growth that can take place. I feel the wisdom I have gained is not mine to keep but a gift that needs to be shared.

I have a deep connection with my Creator through the earth and I'm excited to bless others. As well as soap maker and skin care maker, I’m also a homesteader, gardener, mother, grandmother, and wife. My husband and I live on a farm in Idaho that was built in 1910. I love what I do and I love my life.

Megan, my daughter, is a gifted esthetician who also has a deep connection with the earth and people. She understands my passion and desire to bring healthy products to all. I am so thankful for the opportunity to partner with her in this continuing journey, and look forward to bringing love and happiness through each product you receive.

About Megan

I'm so happy to be able to collaborate with my Mom. For years I’ve been trying to get her to sell her products on a larger scale to help more people. Finally, with divine timing and team effort, we came up with Earthed Skin Co., which allows people to connect with their glorious skin, while enjoying our luxurious, organic, handmade products. 

I’m a holistic esthetician who has been practicing for 9 years and Sacred Facials is my esthetics business in Eagle, Idaho. I enjoy teaching people how to take care of their skin the holistic way, as mind, body, & soul connection is crucially important in my work. I believe that everything is interconnected and that life is about balance. You can book a facial with me at Sacredfacials.com