Our customers love us!
5/5 stars across the board

"Obsessed!" -Rachel R. 


"I love the bath salt scrub! I'm silky smooth." -Jennifer C.


"I got my goodies last night! YUM! I love the Rose and Sandalwood! Everything is great! That salve is Amazeballs! A girl came into my office today and asked about something for eczema and super dry skin. I had the salve on me, so I gave her some to try, and send her your link. She likes! Very luxurious! Thank you." -Happy Customer


"I used the scrub and body oil yesterday and oh my god, I'm in love!!! These products are insanely in-freaking-credible!! I'm going to be sharing this info with everyone I know around there!!!" -Trinity


 "Okay, I have to say, I am all bath scrubbed, bath bombed up, oiled & hydrosol(ed) up, & I feel AMAZING! Wish I’d have known about your expertise and products a longgg time ago! Truly amazing!" -Marla B. 


"I wanted to reach out and let you know how much I love your Mom’s products. I had the most insanely dry legs with patches of dry skin from sun exposure. I used the salt scrub & followed up with the oil. I don’t ever remember my skin feeling that smooth!" -Jess H.


"I just got my package! I appreciated the hand written card so much! So far, I have only tried the soap and face oil and I'm amazed at how the soap bar could make my skin feel so clean without any dryness! Thank you for existing! -Dawn S 


"I love the soaps! And the hydrosol is the first thing I go through the fastest. I'm out of it already." -Megan H.


"My friend got her products and LOVES the hydrosol spray, and said all of the products are exquisite." -Renee T.


"I used the body oil on both my body and my face and I love it. Seriously!" -Melody D.


"My skin took major abuse over the weekend at the racetrack. I used everything except the bath bombs because I only have a shower...it's good shit!" -Mike H (customer was given our products as a gift)